Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Ok - so I just realized that my camera is in still in the baby's room, and since she's finally fallen asleep after fussing for 10-15 min. I'm not about to risk waking her up to go in and get it. Plus, I wasn't too happy with any of my pics today anyway. So, I think I'll pick something that wouldn't really make a great photo. Wanna guess? It's not in your house, but you use it all the time. In winter you'd forget about it, but in summer it's your best friend. Got it? It's the AC!!! That's right the good old air conditioner. Keepin' things cool. Man oh man, it's hot out there! Can you imagine being someone who can't afford/flat out doesn't have an AC unit right now? This is the 16th day of 100+ temps this year in DFW! Even though I complain about Ty freezing me out all the time (I'm wearing a sweater right now), I feel so blessed to be protected from the heat and so nice and cool! So what about you? Can you name a blessing in your life? Share it!


:::b r a n d i::: said...

considering that my pregnancy hormones are keeping me hot all the time, I too am thankful for my A/C!!

Jamie said...

So many ... right now, I am especially thankful for the new apartment!