Tuesday, July 28, 2009


It seems from the questions I've been getting from my last post, I may not have been specific enough about where we are moving. When I said we're moving to Kansas, I didn't mean Wichita or KC kinds of Kansas. I meant "middle of nowhere" Kansas. Ty grew up in the "wilderness " outside of Sylvan Grove, KS. We are going back there so he can fulfill is dream of continuing the family legacy of their ranch/farm. Here's what I'm in for: If we decide to live "in town" I'm talking less that 300 people (less than my graduating class). No stop light. No stop SIGN. K-12 in one building. That type of thing. People asked me, "Well, at least they have a Sonic, right?" At this point I burst into laughter and then tears. No Sonic! NO CHICK-FIL-A! What am I going to do? More than likely we won't end up in town, which means we'll be surrounded for miles by nothing but land. There is a Pizza Hut about 30 min. away, so I'll have that when I'm really desperate. There are some things that I'm looking forward to. Letting the kids play outside without any fear of what might happen to them. The kind of community where people really get involved in their neighbors' lives (in a good way). Ty having a job that is basically "working from home" that will allow us to really parent together every day. I don't think that's something most kids get. Am I scared? You betcha, but I have faith that God would not have put this dream in my sweet hubby's heart if we were not meant to experience it together. I fear I will always be the "Crazy Texan" who doesn't quite belong, but that's ok. I'll wear my animal print and big hair proudly!


Brad said...

I had a feeling this was what the blog was about. I told Brandi I thought the title meant you'd be moving to rural Kansas. Well, welcome back to the sunflower state! Hopefully we'll see you from time to time when you have need to go to the big city.

Jamie said...

Kansas needs a good Texan, and you are the perfect one to represent us all!

:::b r a n d i::: said...

Ok, I just googled Sylvan Grove, Kansas and they have a website. Woo! I couldn't help but laugh/cry/feel sorry for you when I clicked on the Businesses tab and didn't notice a single major chain listed...and the first business listed is "Avon by Shelly Keller". *sneaking in a snicker*

You poor girl. We'll have to overnight some fast food for you!

Cheri said...

Well, check this out: "Also: The City of Sylvan Grove, Kansas has several vacant lots available for free, if a home is built on it."

So you can build your dream Texas style home right there "in town". Ha.

I am having the opposite problem of living in a place that has way too many people, but we don't have a Sonic either. It's pure torture.