Saturday, July 16, 2011


Whenever a baby is born, it seems like everyone wants to talk about who he or she looks like. I'm no different, but when it comes to my own children, it seems I have a much harder time pegging it. So, I thought I'd let you be the judge. At different times I've thought Ben looks a little like Anna and a little like Abby. What do you think?

Here's Anna at 6 months (that's the earliest I had of her on my computer): And here's Abby at 3 months

Well what do ya think?

By the way, did I mention my baby is 3 months old? Ahh! More pics coming soon!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Harvest 2011

Well, we've survived it once again. Harvest. One of the best, worst, most exhausting, most thrilling times of the year. Everyone is out in their fields, working hard, and waving at each other as they drive back and forth to the grain elevators. People start getting giddy because harvesting their wheat means they might actually have some money in the bank for a few minutes. Children get excited because they might get to take a ride on the big machinery. Take Anna for example...She loves to ride around with Ty's Dad just watching the combine do it's thing.Here's Abby helping me take dinner (or out here it's called supper) out to our "new" big truck. Hard to imagine that one day she might just be big enough to drive that thing.

Harvest Time is also a great time to appreciate the marvel of God's creation. Spring and Summer create just the right conditions (most years) for the wheat to grow. Longer days means you can wait for just the right conditions in the wheat, and then still have plenty of time to cut before dark. Of course, the best part of Harvest is when it's over, and you finally get your hubby/Daddy back!

Monday, July 4, 2011

Last Tball of the season

Well we had our last tball game of the season on Friday. I love how into the games Anna gets, and I love how excited Abby gets about going to watch her sister play. That may just be because we usually get snowcones after, I don't know! Here she is batting. I think her swing is getting better and better!

This one is a better video of Anna playing first. She gets so excited and proud of herself when she gets to play 1st. The rest of the time the kids all kind of dog-pile the ball, and she's not so into that. So this is the only time she gets to catch and throw during the games. I really should take a video of the dog-pile next year. It's a hoot! PS. You might want to turn your volume down for this one. I didn't realize my "encouraging yells" would be so loud on the video! ;)

Now, I think, our summer can slow down a little. No more harvest. No more tball. Just lounging in the sun. Maybe? Maybe?