Sunday, July 12, 2009


Today's blessing hydrangea plant!
Ok, I know that I've already used a plant, and technically I didn't take this picture today. But it's a different plant, and it's still a blessing so there! This plant has more endurance that most people I know. It has almost died at least 2 times. At least 2 times, I've told Ty, "Just forget about it!" 3 times now, it has come back, and it's one of the more beautiful plants in our landscape. This thing just won't give up! It has survived being totally scorched, almost scorched, and dug up/replanted all 3 times, and now look at it. It reminds me that as a soldier of Christ, wearing His full armor, I can endure all of the trials this life has to offer. When I'm finally done with the fight, I'll get to go to a place where I am free to bloom in complete harmony with God! Isn't it great how God can use a little thing to teach you a big lesson? Ok, for those of you who are the technical types and might chide me for using an old picture, here is one I actually took today. I would have used it, but I've already said "cuteness," and I'd like to reserve using each of my children for days when I really can't think of anything else. ;) Well, that's all for now. Have a blessed week!


:::b r a n d i::: said...

I'm glad your hydrangea grows. I have one in my backyard that I think finally gave up the never did bloom and I don't think it ever really grew much. Oh well.