Friday, December 31, 2010

Christmas Morning

We had a very nice Christmas this year. It was our first away from my family, but it was neat to have our own time at home. Ty snapped this pic just before everyone started stirring.Santa brought some sweet gifts. This one was from Grandma and Grandpa.

Yay for toys and candy!

They got a wagon from Ty's parents, and didn't even have to go outside to enjoy it. They rocked it like a boat before Ty even got the wheels put on!
I love that the girls are getting old enough to really enjoy the holidays! Can't wait to see what this new year has to offer!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

My Christmas Elves

Well, as we get ready for Christmas, I thought I'd share a few pics of my girls. First of all this is my life trying to take pictures of 2 squirmy girls in a living room with unfortunately low lighting... But all the pretty lights and decorations (and Christmas cookies) are really getting us into the Christmas spirit!

And because everyone else seems to be trying it...Merry Christmas from our crazy house to yours!

Monday, December 20, 2010

Workin' cows

*Sorry for the delay in posting. Our family was taken over by a nasty stomach bug. We're all alive, but it was iffy there for a while!*
Well, since it's almost Christmas, I thought I'd better hurry up and tell you what we did the day after Thanksgiving. Of course, by we I mean the guys. I just stood there and took pictures. With all the extra help around for the big day and the nice warm weather, it was a great day to work cattle. Just in case you're not familiar with that phrase (Who isn't?) that's what we do when we get a bunch of new cattle in, and we need to get them ready to join the herd. The cows are lined up in a shoot, and put one by one into a kind of holder like this.. It kinda squeezes them in the middle so they hold still. Then they get a shot, a lice bath, and a pretty little tattoo. After 150-200 cows, this is what you look like.

This is where the "animal poop" in my title comes in. You can see why I stood back taking pictures!

After they're all "worked", they get a nice snack. Let me tell you. Cows are like little kids. Every meal it's like they haven't eaten in 7 years. They gobble down lunch, and then it's off to a life of grazing, napping, and strolling along the country side. Tough life right?

Yay for brothers who still like to get dirty together!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010

Well, I got out of order with my sono pics, so now we'll go back to Thanksgiving. I didn't snap a ton of pics, but I did want to share one of my pecan pie. I'm always a nervous wreck when I make pie because it is such a staple in the Feldkamp household, and the members of the household are not super shy about sharing their opinions on food. They were all very sweet, though, so either it turned out well, or they were too afraid of my pregnant hormones to criticize! Aunt Rachel brought some fun balloons that were a huge hit.

Feldkamp Thanksgivings mostly consist of stuffing yourself silly and then sitting around holding your tummy and groaning. I figured I'd skip those shots. Next, though, I'll tell you what we did the day AFTER Thanksgiving. I'm willing to bet it's not what most of you were doing!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Sono pics

Well, I was going to post about Thanksgiving, but then I figured that you're probably much more interested in the pics I got yesterday at my sono appointment. Well, fine. I guess my beautiful pie will have to wait. Here ya go: My OB was measuring and checking everything, so I got lots of "detail shots". Here's a pretty good profile though.

And here is baby looking at the camera.

He/she kept its hand up by its head the whole time, so here's a good one of him or her waving.

Thank you all for your help in formulating my "arguments", but unfortunately for us, Ty won out. Note to the ladies: be careful what you agree to when you're pregnant and desperate! So I guess we'll just start a guessing game for the next 20 weeks or so. Things are looking perfect, so thanks to everyone for your prayers and good wishes so far!