Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Super long post(s)

While I've got my computer and my pics with me (for the first time in along while 'cause Ty's been using it during the day) I thought I'd just post a bunch of them to show you what we've been doing. The first one will be the house, and the second one my latest photography conquests/pics of the girls (which is what I know you really want to see anyway).
The front of the house:

From the front doorThe kitchenWork on the floorsSome progress Aren't those floors gorgeous! Who would ever think of covering them up or ripping large holes in them? You can see the one we'll have to mend in the pic.

Well, that's a little bit of what's going on in the house. Progress is slow because Ty's so busy, and we're not to the projects I can really tackle on my own. We'll get there eventually, though. Stay tuned for more!


:::b r a n d i::: said...

Cute! Lots of space in the kitchen, which is always nice. Can't wait to see it when everything is finished.