Sunday, October 18, 2009

Halloween Do's and Don'ts

So I bought some Halloween candy today (What was I thinking? Now I have to try not to eat it!) and that really got me in the mood for Halloween to get here already. I really do love the holiday, though I don't always get the chance to go all out like I want to. Since KState's Homecoming is the weekend before Halloween, I get to be home this year. Plus, since our front bedroom is pretty much in shambles anyway, we're contemplating doing a mini haunted house in there which would be so fun! Anyway, I also got to thinking about some things that bug me about the holiday, so I thought I'd make a list to help people make Halloween better for everyone (namely me).
*Don't start trick or treating during dinner time. Seriously, it's not even dark yet. Let the kids stay up a little later that night, and let me finish my meal before you start ringing the bell.
*Don't go trick or treating if you are I'd say 15 or older. It's just lame to see almost grown men at my door begging for a little piece of candy. Sorry, but we all have to grow up sometime.
*Don't yell, "DID YOU SAY THANK YOU!?" to the kids from the street. It's great for kids to polite, but it's Halloween. The whole point is to demand candy or else you'll play a trick. Or at least stick to coaching them before you leave the house so you don't have to scream at the kids at each stop.
*Do go home when the kids get tired. I've seen so many kids dragging along behind their parents who weren't ready for the night to end. I actually heard a kid last year begging the adults she was with to go home, and they told her no because they hadn't collected enough candy yet. Really?
*Don't make super scary things with no thought towards the younger kids. Scary stuff is fun, but make sure you're watching out for when the little ones come through. I had a kid nearly jump out of his skin as I opened the door 'cause he'd just been scared silly at the house down the street. He was maybe 4, and looked like he wanted to cry on what's supposed to be a fun night.
*MOST IMPORTANTLY DO NOT cart your under 2 kids around in strollers or in your arms and stick out a bucket like the kid is going to eat all that candy. I cannot tell you how much this bugs me! I didn't spend my money on candy so adults could sneak there way in to eating it. Trust me; there will be plenty of candy your older kids won't eat. Every year my parents would say, "Oh sure. You guys can eat all of it," and every year they'd end up eating half of it because after a few days we knew there was no way we'd ever eat it all. Now if I see a little one along with his big brother, and he looks so cute that I want to give him something, that's another thing. But, if the kid can't walk and carry his/her own bucket, he/she should NOT be trick or treating!
I think that's pretty much it. Even if you are one of these offenders, I'll probably still give you some candy, 'cause I'm not brave enough to see what would happen if I don't. I am going to miss my "adult" Halloween fun this year. Too bad all the haunted house loving friends I know are still down in TX. Is there anything that bugs you about Halloween? What's your favorite part? I personally love carving Jack-o-lanterns. Not as much as Brandi (and I'm not near as talented) but I still love it. Only 2 more weeks, so Happy Haunting!


David said...
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Jenn said...

Sorry, David. Not sure what I did to erase your comment. Dressing up does make a big difference when it comes to older kids. Most of the ones I see just have reg clothes on, and when I ask what they are supposed to be they say, "Uh...a High School student."

:::b r a n d i::: said...

I agree with you about trick or treating infants. Seriously? I think this year I'm going to give them pennies.

I also agree with you about teenagers and adults. If a teen comes up to the house asking for candy, typically I'll oblige IF I feel that they've actually put an effort into their costume. But if they didn't even bother, I make them earn it by singing or dancing and doing a trick for me. If they don't want to do that, then I send them on their way. Maybe it's mean, but it's MY candy until I put it in your bucket and it's not like I owe them anything anyway.