Monday, October 4, 2010


So yesterday we were at our weekly grocery outing to Dillon's, gathering up everything we'd need for the coming week. Ty and I split up to get a couple of things, and Anna decided to go with Daddy. When we met back up again, I turned to see them coming from several feet away. Anna shouted, "Mommy!" in a sweet voice and started running toward me. Thinking to myself how cute my little girl was, I started bending down a bit and opened up my arms wide to scoop her up when she got to me. Only, she never really got to me. She ran right past me and grabbed onto the cart yelling, "I wanna push the cart now"! There I was all bent down and alone. And did Ty help me out? Did he come to my rescue and save me from my hug rejection? No, he just laughed. I thought about punching him in the arm, but then decided against it since he was buying the groceries and had the car keys. What's a Mom to do?


Amber said...

I vote for punch daddy, regardless.

Jamie said...

I guess congratulate yourself that you're successfully raising a confident, independent daughter! I would have given you some hug love, Jenn!

:::b r a n d i::: said...

come down here and I'll hug ya!