Thursday, September 30, 2010

Extra! Extra!

Well, if you're one of my loyal readers, then you may already know that we are officially expecting baby #3! I thought I'd take time here to share a few of the details of the last couple of weeks, so you can see how crazy it's been around here.

4 weeks ago, I started having major stomach pains. As you know from earlier posts, I ended up having my appendix removed. What we weren't talking about yet was that I was also pregnant. I should say we thought we were pregnant. I hadn't taken a test or anything, since it was so early on, but we were starting to think it might really be happening. Then the pain set in. I briefly wondered if I was loosing the baby, but the pain was really different from what I'd imagine that would be. That didn't really make it any better, 'cause I knew something was wrong.

When I finally went to the doctor, of course, I had to tell them I thought we might be pregnant. They confirmed it with bloodwork, but also decided I probably had appendicitis. Not exactly how I would have liked that moment to go, but what are ya gonna do? Things were slightly complicated because I couldn't do a scan due to radiation levels, so we went into the surgery without that confirmation. Fortunately, the doctors were right, and it needed to be done. The surgeon said that he was glad we caught things relatively early because my appendix was actually touching my uterus which could have been disastrous had it ruptured or created and abscess damaging the uterus.

All in all, things went as well as they could. The biggest concern was miscarriage due to the stress of the surgery, but now that we're 4 weeks away and I have a perfect sono pic, I'm feeling more and more confident that God has a perfect little addition to our family on the way.

You can bet I'll continue to keep things updated as we go along. Thanks for sharing this joyous time with us!


Sassy Chef said...

Hello, Peanut!!! :)

:::b r a n d i::: said...

oh wow, it didn't even occur to me last night that the whole appendix issue went on during your pregnancy. Praise God for taking care of that little baby! Glad you both made it through safely and I am so excited about your newest one!!

Amber said...

Well, you already know how I feel! And you are my new definition of superwoman since you recovered without pain meds :) Cant wait to snuggle him/her!!

Taylor said...

So exciting! Congratulations! Ty always told us that he wanted an entire baseball team of kids... :)

Jocelyn said...

congrats! that is soooo exciting!