Monday, June 28, 2010

Anna's Birthday

Wow! I can't believe it's been so long since I've posted! Things around here have been crazy to say the least. A couple of weeks ago (actually on the day of Anna's Bday) the 4 of us headed out on an unexpectedly early and super fast trip to TX to deliver some yummy meat. We were not thinking we'd go until the next weekend, but the meat was suddenly ready, and so we got ready too. As soon as we got home, Ty began harvest (taking the computer w/him), and we hosted a large group of TX peeps on route to a mission trip in South Dakota, and some dear friends that came along, but stayed a little longer to visit with us. I'll post about all that later, but here is a little catch up on Anna's birthday. Blowing out the candles on her rainbow cakeOpening her gifts from the KS fam


Swimming in the pool at Grandpa and Grandma's in TX.

Loving all the books and gifts from the TX fam.

I don't have any pics of the gifts she got from our dear church family because I was in the bathroom feeling not so good at the time. Whatever that was put a bit of a damper on the trip, but it was so wonderful to see everyone, and I can't wait to get back soon!

Saturday, June 12, 2010


3 years ago, almost at this very moment, I was saying to Ty, "Well, I guess we'd better go on up to the hospital." It's weird that it seems so long ago and just like yesterday at the same time. My little Anna has grown so much, and yet she has so much more growing to do. I pray that God's will is along and happy life for her with me there to see and enjoy it.

Can you believe she's gone from this... (she's actually about 6mo. here) To this?

And here's the rainbow cake she requested. I tried to keep it simple since it is my first attempt at piping writing. I probably could have cut the tip a little smaller, but overall, I think it turned out kinda cute. If I see it on CakeWrecks, I'm gonna hurt somebody!
Happy Birthday Sweet Anna!
P.S. Here's a funny story that occurred the other day while we were in the car. -I was driving us home and making up a little silly song about the girls. Anna says, "Mom, I don't like your song." My ego was a bit bruised, and I said, "Hey, it's kinda rude to say that." Anna immediately sings out, "I don't like your song, PLEASE!" Well, at least she wasn't rude about it!

Friday, June 11, 2010

Date Night

I interrupt your Community Day viewing pleasure to bring you...Date Night! I will get back to that tomorrow, but date nights come along so seldom, I thought it deserved immediate attention...especially with a place like this.

For Ty's birthday, his Mom gave him a gift certificate to this place called Trappers. It's a fun little dive that's pretty much the only thing in Simpson, KS (45ish mins from Sylvan). Well, that was about the time I instituted my "No Fun Until It's Done" policy, so we never got around to going. The certificate expired at the end of the month, so we decided to make it a birthday/anniversary duo, and headed out sans kiddos last night. I think I can pretty much sum up what kind of place it was with this one picture of the menu... No, I did not try either specialty, but I did have their "Original Specialty", the chicken fried steak, and it was delicious. We had a wonderful time just sitting and talking by ourselves. Here's Ty being seriously silly by the sign outside...

Despite my initial reaction to the menu, I'd highly recommend it. Date night is a pretty great idea too. You should try it sometime.
Oh wait. You already do?
Oh. Ok.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Frog Races. You heard me.

I told you last time about the frog races that occurred almost immediately after the turtle races at our community day. If you didn't think things could get any better, you were wrong! Frog races are actually much more entertaining in my opinion. Lots more action! "We" did try to get Anna a frog, but it eluded Ty. She wouldn't have wanted to hold it anyway, so it's probably just as well.
Before the race everyone lined up at the starting line and positioned his/her frog as far over the line as they could reach. I'm not really sure this is in the rule book, but that seemed to be the way it worked. We had 4 or 5 false starts. With so many wiggly frogs and excited kids, it's bound to happen. When they finally got everyone off together, there were a variety of techniques. Some used the stomp/jump method where you stomp just behind the frog to scare it into moving. This kid was way ahead with this technique until his frog went rogue and started jumping off to the side instead of toward the finish line.

Others found the gentle push to be more effective. I did spot a couple of them "helping" their frogs by picking them up and sort of "tossing" them a little if they weren't moving quickly enough. Let me just say, I'm glad there weren't any PETA reps there!
In the end, 3 valiant winners were declared, and most of the kids made their Dads come get the frogs to take them back to their respective buckets. Fun times had by all! *Interesting note: Until only a few years ago, anyone with a toad was disqualified from the race. Only "frogs" were allowed to race to maintain an even playing field. (I'm fairly certain I couldn't tell the difference.)
If you've seen my album on Facebook, you know there was one more special event for the Community Day patrons this year. I'll tell you about it next...

Monday, June 7, 2010

Community Day

Sunday we went to the Annual Sylvan Community Day. It is held every year on the Sunday after Memorial Day and, reportedly, has never been rained out. It was one of those surreal kind of occasions that make you feel like you're in another time. Old blues songs playing while kids and families gathered in the park. Snowcones, hot dogs, and homemade ice cream. And of course, these...turtle races. My friends from "the city" probably think I'm joking. I'm not. I thought Ty was joking about how serious the competition is. He wasn't. We didn't actually catch a turtle for the races because we didn't think we'd make it back from church in time to race. It was clear, however, that just about everyone else there had carefully selected the perfect creature. Almost every kid had an explanation for why his/her turtle was most likely to win.

They painted some rings on the ground, and everyone put their turtle in the tube right in the middle. They lifted the tube, and off the little guys (or gals - couldn't really tell) went. Some kids cheered their turtles on. Some, like these, just prayed for a winner.

Some turtles seemed to get the idea, while others never moved from their original spot. They actually had 3 "heats" and a final. Can you believe it?

Anna didn't seem to mind that she didn't have one. Some of the other kids offered to let her hold theirs, but she wasn't having it. It's probably just as well, 'cause another kid's turtle turned on him and bit his finger, and he wailed like the whole thing had been chomped off. Anna seemed to enjoy her kazoo just as much, and I'd much rather have her bring a kazoo home than a turtle.
Next time I'll share about the frog races. You're on the edge of your seat, I know.