Friday, June 11, 2010

Date Night

I interrupt your Community Day viewing pleasure to bring you...Date Night! I will get back to that tomorrow, but date nights come along so seldom, I thought it deserved immediate attention...especially with a place like this.

For Ty's birthday, his Mom gave him a gift certificate to this place called Trappers. It's a fun little dive that's pretty much the only thing in Simpson, KS (45ish mins from Sylvan). Well, that was about the time I instituted my "No Fun Until It's Done" policy, so we never got around to going. The certificate expired at the end of the month, so we decided to make it a birthday/anniversary duo, and headed out sans kiddos last night. I think I can pretty much sum up what kind of place it was with this one picture of the menu... No, I did not try either specialty, but I did have their "Original Specialty", the chicken fried steak, and it was delicious. We had a wonderful time just sitting and talking by ourselves. Here's Ty being seriously silly by the sign outside...

Despite my initial reaction to the menu, I'd highly recommend it. Date night is a pretty great idea too. You should try it sometime.
Oh wait. You already do?
Oh. Ok.


:::b r a n d i::: said...

Date night....what an awesome concept!