Saturday, June 12, 2010


3 years ago, almost at this very moment, I was saying to Ty, "Well, I guess we'd better go on up to the hospital." It's weird that it seems so long ago and just like yesterday at the same time. My little Anna has grown so much, and yet she has so much more growing to do. I pray that God's will is along and happy life for her with me there to see and enjoy it.

Can you believe she's gone from this... (she's actually about 6mo. here) To this?

And here's the rainbow cake she requested. I tried to keep it simple since it is my first attempt at piping writing. I probably could have cut the tip a little smaller, but overall, I think it turned out kinda cute. If I see it on CakeWrecks, I'm gonna hurt somebody!
Happy Birthday Sweet Anna!
P.S. Here's a funny story that occurred the other day while we were in the car. -I was driving us home and making up a little silly song about the girls. Anna says, "Mom, I don't like your song." My ego was a bit bruised, and I said, "Hey, it's kinda rude to say that." Anna immediately sings out, "I don't like your song, PLEASE!" Well, at least she wasn't rude about it!


Jocelyn said...

time really does fly...
she was cute then and is cute now!
I love the cake...and I bet I would have liked your song too ;)

:::b r a n d i::: said...

Aw, I think your cake is cute! Besides, they only feature pros on Cakewrecks. ; )