Sunday, August 2, 2009

Sunday Hodge Podge

Well, it was another great day to worship the Lord and be with friends. Friends who encourage, support, laugh, and learn with you. When you have kids, it's even better when you can see that they love your kids like they were their own, and you feel the same way about their kids. Today I watched Carter wear a stocking cap in 90 degree weather, Anna and Payton eat olives off their fingers, and Morgan and Spencer make my sweet baby smile over and over. They seem like silly everyday things, but they are memories I will keep in my heart forever.

On a completely separate note, here are some things I found while bumming around on the net today:
You know those great old Polaroid cameras? Well here's a digital one! I know someone at church was talking about this a while ago. I finally checked it out, and I think it's so cool! I totally remember almost every bday party I had, my Mom would take pics of me with each of my party guests. I loved it! At $150 it doesn't even seem too expensive. The sheets you print on aren't cheap, but not too much more than a digital print. Don't know if I'll ever get one, but I think it's a really neat idea.
This is my friend Christina's blog. She made the cutest cake basically out of giant rice krispie treats. What a fun idea! Everybody loves 'em, and it's a great twist on the traditional bday cake. After I make Brandi's peanut butter brownies, I think I'll try it.