Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Pity Post

I can't believe it's been like 6 days since I last posted. You can tell how crazy things have been since I haven't had the time/energy to post the last few days. So, even though there's not much to tell, here's an update on everything to kinda fill in the gap. Packing is going slow. I know I only have a week left, but I'm just not ready to have a house full of boxes that are full of stuff that I can't get to or use. Pretty soon, we'll be sitting on the floor, eating off paper plates, and just staring at each other in the evenings. Ah well, it has to happen some time, or my stuff will have to endure Ty's packing method (cram things in the nearest box and chuck it wherever it'll go). Then our buyer's real estate agent started calling and saying, "Well, she might want to bring a friend over to see the house, or she might just want to poke her head in some time this week." I'm thinking, "really"? Can she not wait 7 more days? After that she'll have all the time in the world to show every friend she's got, but right now my house is full of partially packed boxes and the stuff that needs to go in them. She'll have to look behind the mountains of boxes to see anything and just try to stay in the little path we've made between the stuff. On top of everything, Abby's got the sniffles. I'm really hoping it's just a cold, 'cause I do NOT want my first order of business in KS to be finding a doctor to take her to the first day we get there 'cause she's still sick! Oh the up side, I'm having tons of fun hanging out with everyone with all my "goodbye" parties, lunches, playdates, etc. It's great to be reminded of just how many great friends God has blessed us with during our time here. On Friday, I'm taking Anna to the circus for the first time with some of those very same friends. Can't wait to see what she thinks of it. (I'll be sure and post pics!) Ty's keeping Abby, so I'll be able to really enjoy the experience without having to worry about her (or feed her in the middle of everything ;)). Well, that's all for now. Hope you feel caught up. Until next time...