Thursday, August 25, 2011


A couple of Sundays ago we had a couple of minutes before we had to leave for church (Shocker! We're usually running out the door as fast as we can go.) and everyone was in the mood for a few poses. Do I have gorgeous girls or what? Every time I look at a picture of one of them, I'm shocked at how grown up they're both looking. I know I see them every day, and every day they are growing, but I just don't recognize how much they're changing until I sit down and look at the latest photo I've taken vs one a few months ago.

I love Abby's goofy grins and how much fun she has with everyday things.

I love how Anna tries to be such a good helper and really goes out of her way to make the people around her feel special.

And I love that my girls really love each other. I hope we can hang on to that as they grow!


Jocelyn said...

beautiful pics of beautiful little girls!

Stefanie said...

I love that I get to be an Aunt to the two sweetest girls!! When I'm having a rough day at work all I have to do is look at these pics to make me smile :)

:::b r a n d i::: said...

They are such sweetie pies!

mandy said...

so cute!!!