Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Conversations with a Rancher

Me: It really won't be long now until we add another crazy person into the mix here, huh?
Ty: Yeah, what is it? Two months to go now?
Me: Two months? Yeah, I guess that's all it is now since we're already into March.
Ty: Yeah, if you haven't calved in two months, I'll bet you'll be really close at least.


Ty: Or "babied". Whatever! That's what we say with cows!

Yes. This is my life...


Jamie said...

This made my morning :). I love having rancher friends!

Philip said...


hubbies can be so funny. last night at church someone asked me when i was due and i said "10 weeks" and philip was like "What?! It's not really that soon is is?! I thought it was in May..." And I said, yeah, May is in 10 weeks!

can't wait to see pics and more about your sweet little #3!

Kristen said...

Ty always did know how to talk to the ladies!