Thursday, February 24, 2011

More Sono Pics!

Ok. I know this is why you all keep coming back. Pics of little Mr or Miss #3. Went to the dr yesterday, and passed my 3 hour Glucose Test! Praise God! I also got these:
He/she already knows how to look at the camera.

What a cute, fat little foot!

Ok, now the tech was just playing, but look at that button nose!
I can hardly believe that 30 weeks have gone by. I can also hardly believe that in 10 weeks or less I'm going to be a Mom to 3 beautiful, crazy children. There's pretty much no escaping the psych ward at this point! I can't wait!

PS. To all you girls who may still have a glucose screen to go through, even thought they tell you not to fast, having a poptart for breakfast is probably not a good idea. Just sayin'...