Tuesday, April 13, 2010

With a rebel yell...

She cried, "Mow, mow, mow!" Well, it finally happened today. I was starting to think I could make it out here without ever having to do any real "farm work", but it was not to be. I guess some people thought I should start pulling my weight around here, so today I became the proud operator of this fine piece of equipment... That's right; try not to laugh. I'm now the unofficial, official lawn mower in the family. I'm not going to admit this to anyone around here, but it was actually kind of fun to ride, and I enjoy contributing. Only a little, though. If you start contributing too much, then people start to expect something of you. It took me just under 2 hours to mow Grammy's yard, and I must say, it's looking mighty fine. Once they figure out a way to transport "the beast" around, I think I'm supposed to start mowing everyone's yard too. Grammy did tell me she thought it just wasn't right that they were making "the women" do their "man work", but I figured this beats hangin' around a bunch of stinky cows any day. Well, that's it. I'm a regular farm hand now. Who would have guessed?

And because I can't have a whole post with only a picture of some boring lawn mower. Here's one of Abby in the tub playing the girls' favorite new bath game: Slap Foam Toys on our Heads and See if They Stick. It's hilarious!

Have a blessed day!


:::b r a n d i::: said...

Did you mow in heels just to spite them?

Jamie said...

You are awesome, Farmer Jenn!