Monday, April 5, 2010


Well, I haven't been able to edit my Easter pics like I wanted to. Something got messed up in my photoshop, and I haven't been able to getting going again. So, I guess I'll just have to bare my unedited soul ( today rather than wait till whenever I get my PSE running again. So here is a LONG pictorial of our Easter fun.

Here we are decorating our Easter eggs. Anna really liked it, but I was almost kicking myself for buying the kit I got. Don't get me wrong, it was a fun little kit. It caught my eye because it came with a bunch of those shrinking sleeves, and stickers you could use to decorate the eggs as well as the coloring stuff. Since Anna loves stickers, I figured it would be a hit. The only problem was that this kit was apparently designed to appeal to girls AND boys when it comes to sticker choices. Anna picks up a red egg, and says, "I'm going to make a basketball egg!" She promptly covers it in basket ball stickers. Then she picks up a purple egg and says, "Let's make this one a baseball egg!" Being the control freak that I am, I suggest we not do anymore "ball" eggs (these are supposed to be pretty, GIRLY eggs). She says, "Ok, how about a rocket ship!?" Eye roll, "Alright. Put the rocket ship on" (it's at this point that I start contemplating the fact that it appears the rest of my life is going to be an exercise in giving up control). While I'm checking some of the other eggs, she sneaks 2 baseball stickers on with the rocket ship. Next, the orange egg. Anna: "Hmmm. I think this one needs soccer balls." Me: "No, sweety. No more balls." Anna: "Fire trucks?" Aah! I finally convinced her that lady bugs would be better, and then the next one I just asked her if she wanted butterflies or flowers.She really did have fun, and here are their Easter baskets...On Saturday, there was an egg hunt up at the school for young kids. Anna did great. She ran around grabbing some eggs and leaving other that were right beside the ones she picked.
Saturday night we put our Easter baskets on the table. We told her that the Easter Bunny would come and take our eggs (and hide them outside) and leave presents instead. She was very excited. Here's her first peek at her basket Sunday morning.
She loved everything (I'm sure Abby liked her gifts too), and after a yummy breakfast, we went outside to hunt for our Easter eggs. After that, it was off to church and our whirlwind of Sunday activities. Not sure how many pictures I took of them in their oh-so-sweet matching dresses from my parents, but it was alot. We had a ton of fun, and even though Easter is about alot more than eggs and bunnies, I sure am glad we get to share in these fun times with our sweet girls!

Happy Easter!