Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Ok. While I'm boring everyone with my Photoshop love affair, here's something really cool I learned how to do today...

Here's the before. See the difference? Ok, I still haven't decided if the flare is a little to much, but isn't it cool that I can add it in like that? I've found the greatest blog HERE with awesome, really easy tutorials. Things are making sense that have never made sense before! How awesome is that?

Here's one I got with a real flare by happy accident. Can you tell the difference?Hope you don't get too bored with picture posts, as I'm sure to have more to come soon! Have I mentioned how much I love Photoshop?


Stefanie said...

I will NEVER get sick of the photo posts. It is my daily dose of happy! Nothing like the cutest kids in the world to bring a smile to your face. :) Question for you come i can click on some of the pics to see them bigger and some of them I cannot?