Thursday, September 17, 2009

Slow Motion

That's kinda what I'm feeling lately. Like everything is in slow motion. The days roll by, and I can't really distinguish anything between them. Progress on the house is slow. There has been so much to do on the "farm" that there hasn't been alot of time to work on it. We're getting really close, though, to at least moving in. Once we're there, there will be TONS more work to do. Of course, that makes me a little nervous because we (really just Ty) are so busy now, and I don't see that being improved by us living 10 minutes away. Hopefully we'll be able to carve out time to do things like put the floor back in what will be our bedroom. Sleeping in the living room should be at least a little motivation. We'll see. I can already tell that the main thing I'll be working on during my time here is patience. Thanks to my Mom, I really like to have things planned out. I can be spontaneous, but I just don't enjoy living day to day with no direction. Oddly enough, that seems to be exactly what farm life is. Everything is based on the weather or when so and so gets the seed/part/animal delivered instead of what works best for our schedule. Meanwhile I'm at home wondering if anyone will be home for dinner tonight. I don't remember praying for patience recently, but I guess I'm going to get a lesson on it anyway. I can't lie. I probably need it.


The Boyers said...

yeesh...I'm impressed with you, I think I might be even more negative! hopefully you will be looking back on this time (in the near future) and think how quickly it went.

Jamie said...

Whoa, I am so going to have Ashley read this because he will see us in it. One of the things we both recognize is very different about the other is how he is perfectly capable of always being flexible and has no desire for concrete plans and how I really like, and I would even say need, plans. Even if they change, I still want a plan that will later change! I'll be praying about this. So, what do you do for dinner if you don't know who will be home? Cook and keep it hot or just "fend for yourself"?

Jenn said...

Yeah, I'm sure looking back it won't seem as long as it does now. Usually, unless I'm asked to have something ready, I just make dinner for Anna and me, and let them fend for themselves. Sometimes they'll tell me when they'll be home, and I try to make something then. Ty's mom cooks alot on the weekends when she's home, so there are usually leftovers for the guys during the week. Thanks for the prayers. I need 'em!