Monday, July 4, 2011

Last Tball of the season

Well we had our last tball game of the season on Friday. I love how into the games Anna gets, and I love how excited Abby gets about going to watch her sister play. That may just be because we usually get snowcones after, I don't know! Here she is batting. I think her swing is getting better and better!

This one is a better video of Anna playing first. She gets so excited and proud of herself when she gets to play 1st. The rest of the time the kids all kind of dog-pile the ball, and she's not so into that. So this is the only time she gets to catch and throw during the games. I really should take a video of the dog-pile next year. It's a hoot! PS. You might want to turn your volume down for this one. I didn't realize my "encouraging yells" would be so loud on the video! ;)

Now, I think, our summer can slow down a little. No more harvest. No more tball. Just lounging in the sun. Maybe? Maybe?


Kristen said...

Thanks for making my day by posting those videos! Anna is so cute - no matter what she's doing!