Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Ouick story

Just thought I'd share a little ditty that illustrates what it's like to be in my family:

Sunday night, we were having lots of fun playing with the hula hoop we'd randomly picked up at the grocery store since it was 75% off. Amid all the fun and laughter, Anna runs up to give me a hug, and tells me, "You're the best Mommy in the whole world!"
Me: "I am?"
Anna: "Yeah, and Daddy is the best Daddy in the whole world! And Abby's the best Abby in the whole world!"
Me: "And you're the best Anna in the whole world. And the best big sister, too!"
Anna: "Thank you, Mommy, and you're the biggest Mommy in the whole world too."

Thanks, Anna.

Here are some random pic from play time the other day:



:::b r a n d i::: said... She meant well, hee hee

Jamie said...

That's hilarious! She probably means tallest!

Jocelyn said...

cute!!! LOVE it :) keep the stories coming!