Friday, February 19, 2010

Copy Cats

The first thing I'll say is that these aren't the best pictures in the world of the girls, but I was trying to catch them playing naturally/not posed, so you get what you get. Anyway, the girls got this toy cd player/radio that plays songs for Christmas, and they both love it. Lately, though, as I watched them play I noticed something. See how Anna is holding it over her wrist?

Now check out Abby on a totally different day:Isn't that cute? I just love the idea that even at this age, they are influencing each other. Even this young, they mean so much to each other, that they emulate each other's actions. Now, I know this could turn out to be not so good when it comes to other things (I should probably start fortifying myself for those pre-teen years), but I'd like to hope that it'll be the other way around for them. My hope and prayer is that they will inspire each other to be better, kinder, more servant-like women. And for the present, that Anna will inspire Abby to do things like eat and go potty by herself. Gotta keep it real, right?


:::b r a n d i::: said...

thats so sweet!

The Boyers said...

so cute! i must say...i have 2 sisters and they have always inspired me to be better! if they did something wrong all i usually wanted was to get them in trouble...not repeat it...but maybe i was just a tattle tale (which is annoying too!)

Your girls are so precious! Sisters are the greatest!