Friday, January 8, 2010

Yummy Snack

So, for Christmas we got some "gourmet" popping corn for our popcorn maker. It's pretty good, but I had to share one of them with you. It's called baby corn, and it is tiny little kernels that supposedly pop without the hulls. This part is not true, but they are so small that you rarely have a piece you can't bite into like the larger varieties. Anyway, we popped them, and this is what it looked like...
I couldn't really tell the difference in this picture, so I was "forced" to pop a regular sized batch for comparison...Look how tiny these things are! You feel kinda like a giant trying to grasp the little pieces with your fingers, and while they taste good, I can't say I prefer it to the regular sized stuff. And because I feel weird about making an entire post about popcorn, here are some pics of the girls from when we celebrated Christmas in Kansas.The Feldkamp family plays cards, so I guess we're starting Abby early.

Anna got a cute little bag from Grammy, and she loves putting things in it and carrying them around. She frequently packs it up and says, "See ya later! Bye!" as she walks toward the door. Well, that's all for now. How are you doing on your NY's resolutions?