Thursday, December 3, 2009

I know you've all been wondering...

how the pies tasted. I know, I should have updated a while ago. If you were holding your breath in anticipation...well, you're probably not living anymore 'cause that's along time to hold your breath. Anyway, as I stated, I don't really like pumpkin pie, so I didn't have any. This was probably not smart on my part 'cause now I don't have my own opinion of how it tasted, but I couldn't help myself with all that yummy pecan pie and whipped cream. Anyway, everyone told me it was yummy, and my father-in-law made a point to tell me how good it was (and he loves pumpkin pie), so I'm feelin' pretty good about how I did. Ty ended up making the yams, so I don't have much of a comment about those other than I was more than happy to let him do it. I was a dork and left my camera at home during the main event, and couldn't quite get in the mood after that, so these pics of Anna and Ty being silly are pretty much it.
Overall, a pretty good holiday. Can't wait 'till Christmas! I'll definitely have a ton of pics to post after that!